Glide your apps on Google App Engine

I had been working on a script, which has turned into project Glide, to help me work with smallish gaelyk apps (like my homepage etc.).

While gaelyk template project provides excellent start; for simple website'ish projects, java webapp structure and the xml noise is sometimes a hindrance for non java background (web) developers.

What glide does is cut that noise off with simple defaults (while being still configurable). The only files your project is required to have is your web content (something like static html or php webapps). Plus there are some more goodies like preconfigured sitemesh etc.

I have created 4 minimal examples to give an idea of what I mean here. Each dir in the samples is a glide project and can be run locally and deployed to GAE.

Start with the `news` project a simple one filer to get sense of what I mean by no config noise. `expense` and `blog` take few steps ahead but are still very very small.

To run a glide project, just cd into the app directory and fire the 'glide' command.

Steps to install glide are mentioned in the README. It should be fairly straight forward if you have java/git/gae already installed. (if you dont use git, you can directly download the zip and extract it)

I look forward to feedback on the project.

PS :
  • Motivated to let it know to the world  by "F**k It, Ship It"
  • Content almost identical to what I posted on Gaelyk User Group

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