My ZSH theme

I was initially hesitant to make the move from bash to ZSH. But thanks to oh-my-zsh now I am just loving it. To spice up the terminal prompt it has a provision of themes (unlike PS1 environment variable in bash).

I looked around for themes and there are many great themes available in the oh-my-zsh repo. But I still wanted to customize the prompt a bit so I went ahead and created my own them called kaydee which looks something like this

It starts with a sweet (but unnecessary) apple, followed by current directory path and then git status.
Then the prompt comes on a new line preceded by username and hostname.

It leaves a blank line between last command's output and the prompt and the colors make this line stands out on black background screen and all user typed commands start at same vertical column (irrespective of what directory you are in), so that while scrolling you can keep eyes fixed and locate commands easily.

You can fork/clone my repo or just copy this theme to spice up your terminal.

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