Google Code adds Git support

Git finally makes it to the Google's code hosting platform. Git happens to be third Version Controlling System supported on
Google Code, following Subversion and Mercurial.

The announcement states:
Since our original announcement of Mercurial support, Git has grown significantly more popular and user-friendly, and on the technical side, it has added an efficient “smart” HTTP protocol that fits with Google’s HTTP-based infrastructure. (Note that this feature is only available in version 1.6.6 and later.)

This is very welcome addition as Git's popularity is increasing exponentially but I am not sure how many people will actually switch to Google code for Git hosting as more open source git projects are already using trendy and hep Github. Github is more social too. This is certainly going to help those who already have projects hosted on Google Code and want to switch to git.

I personally like mercurial slightly more than git for its simplicity. Git, for novice, is overwhelming. Whatever your choice may be, Distributed Version Controlling Systems have started taking over and are becoming mainstream. If you are still unsure about what it all means, don't worry, you are just git init / hg init away.

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