Back in the Saddle ... Back in Black

I am back to blogging after a brief ;-) hiatus of 2 years. Don't get mislead by the title of the post. This post has got nothing to do with the two tracks, Aerosmith or ACDC.

It's like a rebirth. Giving a fresh life to a thing I care about. Yesterday I finished reading the fantastic book named "Clutter Busting". It has inspired me lot to clean up the junk, that i dint consider junk so far, from my life. I have started removing many of my precious belonging from my computer attic.

I cant believe its almost been a decade of getting hooked to computers. The Digital Clutter had been gathering for long time that kept me distracted and less focused. You can expect few things coming straight out of my attic making their way to this blog.

Leaking the secret of not posting for so long: I had decided that I will move to a hosted blogging platform (am a control freak, I guess) and own a domain name and only then I'll publish my next post. The sad news is neither of that happened so far and the good news is I have decided to change the way I have programmed myself to think.

By the way today happens to be the day when I started my professional career six years back.

Hello world!

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