Go Green

Maybe you and I can afford to waste, but our country and planet cannot afford to do so. Please Don't waste Food and Energy.

Here is the getting started guide:
  • Please turn off the computer monitor whenever not in use
  • Switch Off work PC when leaving for the day
  • Opt out of paper statement options for banking and other billing statements
  • Take prints only when absolutely necessary
  • Check the emission of your vehicle
  • Control the temptation to use the plastic bags, try to reuse the same ones
None of these points are very difficult to implement. It just needs to get into your habits.

PS: I know there's nothing new in this post. Just consider it as a reminder and tally yourself how many points you actually follow.


Bharat said...

Hi dear..These points are so common but still we tend to ignore them.Or we just don't care. One more point i would like to adad here. Its the garbage we throw on roads. If we are in a car, on bike or walking.We eat something and throw the can and bags on road.This is so uncivilised.I remember when i was boarding for dubai.I ate one darymilk,but cld'nt find the trash can. So i put the wrapper in my pocket, and threw it in the trash can at sharjah airport.
I beg all the people specially in india, not to throw the waste bags and polythens on the road.Please go green and make our country a better place to live.

Random Words said...

one better way of saving energy is not starting the work PC at all...just think!!!

kd said...

@bharat: very true. wish everyone understands this and more importantly implements it.

@RW: lol, no PCs no prints too :)