The Pen

My friend calls me on my cell and wants me to note down a number. Du-uh I manage to get a piece of paper but where the hell is the pen. I search here and there and finally I end up saving that number on my cell while I put my friend on speaker. To hit the last nail, I press the end button when call is over, and Whoa.. the number is erased from the screen. The point here is not how I lost that number, the point is where do all the pens go? This phenomenon of losing pen when its required most is not limited to my home but happens every now and then at my workplace too.

No matter how safely i keep it (the pen) at some place, it is either lost or stolen. There is a big black-hole that swallows every pen that comes it's way. Strangely this AI-enabled black-hole leaves those pen that can no longer work, largely because of exhausted refill ink. In fact, sometimes the same stolen pen is also found after some days. I think the black-hole spits it out when my need is over.

At my desk, sometimes I find a pen that I neither bought nor borrowed from some one. Anyways, I use it and then one fine day that is also gone. If my black-hole theory is not correct then there is certainly a mafia involvement behind the lost and found of pens.

Recently I bought a pen and could hardly use it before it was gone (from home) and atleast 3 pens were missing from my desk when i came back from vaccation (at my workplace). So thought of sharing my grief with you guys


Malyaj said...

ha ha ha.. cant stop laughing my ass off... that was a real gud one man.. really astute.. dont worry man.. m sharing the same grief.. even practically speakin, iv stopped using the pen.. more over now a dez, whenever i luk out for a pen in ma home or room, i end on a pencil but on pen. that pencil happen to be one that i usually leave on my cluttered study desk, when i got over wid ma sketching in drawing copy. and man haven't you noticed? where the hell all those ink pen gone?? all i find on the name of pen are those "do rupay vala flourescent coloured pen".. im missing those 35 rupee "Chinese pen" with golden cap embossed with "hero"..
and if considering your theory of black hole right.. then whenever it spits out the pen and i catch the sight of this pen laying aimlessly on some bunch of papers or desk, usualy it is that time when i am not in need of it.. and i make it an ignore of its presence.. and move on..
keeping in mind my scientific knowledge of stephen hawking and einstine.. i find your black hole theory quite considerable.
mafia's involvement into all this still looks unlikely to me.. but still.. being rational enough i wont completely deny any of these theories and would like to take it under observation, unless it is proven.. ha ha..still laughing my ass off..!!

rahul said...

hahaha...LOTFLMAO... could not agree more....

Bharat said...

hahahaha. Very Truely said dear. This has happened to me right from the day i started holding pen in my hands. Even i sometimes wonder why the F&*K the pen is never their when we r in dire need of it.
Well you must have heard of the Murphy's Law. I guess its one of the basic laws created by Mr. Murphy. One more ultimate trick of our dearest pen is seen in the exam hall. When we are in the last hour of paper, the pen starts loosing ink from the tip,and as soon as we try to get the spare one, it just suddenly falls on the floor and 200% it goes near the opposite sex.(Opposites do attract). And our important time and concentration is disturbed. So these are some tricks used by pen to continuously torture us. Well as the saying goes:- A PEN IS MIGHTIER THEN THE SWORD, and i swear it is. Well speaking about your blackhole theory. I guess it is true. The so called blackhole is moving with us, just waiting for the right time to grab our dearest friend.
But this whole story teaches us one big lesson. That its a great luck when you get what you want, at the right time.
I wish u get your pen when someone's calling. :)

kaustubh said...

hahahaha funny !
nice one this!!

Random Words said...

Good Post...i agree with K and B on the great verse of "Pen is ..."

This happens with me all the time and i used to feel enthused looking at the accounts guy in my office. He faced the same problem and then one day found a solution for it. He tied a string to the end of the pen and stamped it on the soft board. Looking at this innovation, my office colleagues took it a step forward. They tied the legs of their office chairs to their desks because every morning they would find a new chair at their desk. Even name chits were not working. So long for the innovation.....

kunal said...

@all - Thanks all for your wonderful comments... I didn't know that so many folks are affected by the black-hole :)

@RW - the idea is really cool.. shd give it a try :)

Ryan said...

Here is your answer. Buy an EXPENSIVE pen. You will be so scared of using it you will have it for a long time.