Wierd Widespread Web

Web is growing, taking new shapes, crossing boundaries, reaching billions of humans (and to remotely-any-humans too). Some alien words have become part of our lives, some made it to dictionaries as well. (pop quiz: what URL stands for?). The web has evolved from static to dynamic pages to web based services to semantic web.

Emails, IMs, Search Engines, Social Networks, Blogs, Wikis, Audio/Video Streaming etc. are just the tip of iceberg. There is whole lot more, huge and massive. Rich Internet Applications are delivering desktop-apps like functionalities in the browser windows. Server Side Technologies are powering billions of hits a day. There is so much going on and beyod that, that it doesnt make any sense to belabor its importance.

What I would like to cover in some of my posts in future is some really cool and useful web based services that I found useful and am using or have used them for some time or would like to use them or would like YOU to use them. And also would love to discuss some common problems that we are facing on the web.

PS: I will tag these posts with 'web'.

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