New Hotmail

Hotmail is undergoing some changes. They claim that they are making it faster, cleaner, simpler. These lines are so cliche. Does anyone ever make any service slower, messier and complex?

When I happened to check my Hotmail inbox after long time today, I was surprised by a message that said it didn't recognize my browser and I should use either IE, ffx or opera.Now the funny part is, I was already using ffx. You have an option to continue anyways. I chose that. The display was simply horrible. I mean Fonts and overall look and feel. I tried in IE8 as well. No improvement. May be its not rendering properly on my VAIO with vista. I tried on desktop PC. There viewed it on IE 6. Fonts were better. But heck, old look was much better, cleaner and faster.

I think the transition is not over as of now. But what they are serving you now is a total crap. The old interface was much cleaner than what it looks today. The interface is even slower. My whole point is they should not have released such an unbaked version.

Microsoft has always been slow in implementing features. Be it anything. For example, when everyone else has already implemented IM feature (inside the mail) long back, they are still to incorporate it.

Anyways lets hope for Hotmail to get better. You can share your experiences with me regarding the same.


rahul said...

It would not have been released if the transition had not been over..its too big a company to do things like this..

kunal said...

@rahul - yes thats the point