Thanks a lot to blogger for such a great service. To all, those who are not blogging yet, do it. Its fun. There are numerous famous blogging services out there available for free. Choose anyone. Blogging is incredibly easy.

Blogs are great place to share your thought on just anything. It doesn't matter how good you write as long as someone is there who is reading it. Even if no-one is reading it, it gives you satisfaction that you are writing something. I have just limited the scope of blogging by saying the above lines. There is definitely a lot more to it.

The first difficulty in creating a blog is setting up your mind (and not the blog). The second is choosing the service. Then comes choosing a URL. Mind it, choose a URL such that it doesn't change with time. Don't give it name based on your present state of mind. Or something that will not hold true after some time. For example, etc. Now think yourself, are you always gonna be in third year? This name may be pertinent if it actually will always have posts related to third year students only. That is, your are always gonna write about it. That said, choose some sensible name that actually reflects the purpose of blog. Every caution you take while choosing a (non anonymous) email-id should be taken while choosing the blog url/name. I simply use my name for all the stuffs. I don't want to conceal my identity behind some cryptic names (And even my brain can't think of any creative names). But you may want to do so. Do so, but sensibly.

Why am i saying URL should not change? Because someone in the other corner of world may be bookmarking your page or hyperlinking to your blog which would point nowhere once you change the URL itself.

Now what should one write? I don't know. I dont have any goals for myslef. But a blog dedicated to specific subjects receive more attention by limited audience. Blogs written on more general topics receive lesser attention by greater audience.

Do blog. I would love to hear from anyone who is reading this. (well if I am talking about blogs, I should've said read ;)


Abby Cooper said...

Kunal, thanks for sharing your blogging story with us. I myself doesn't blog much but I newly set up and website for helping bloggers making their blog post looks nice. Just have a look at Good luck with blogging!

Bharat said...

hi bro!! that was a really good informaition for the beginners. Well speaking about me, initially i found it little bit easier to write a blog as i was completely unaware about what to write and what not. But after writing three blogs, i find it really difficult to find a topic for my blog. May be 'cos now i also want to move from general to specific. But overall the experience has been great. And yaa, it has really helped in improving my vocabulary.
thanks to you.

kunal said...

@Abby - Thanks abby for your comment. I visited your site. I looks cool. A heartfelt thanks for sharing it with us.

@Bharat - bro, just dont break the continuity. write on any topic. whatever you feel comfortable with. Write short blogs. You'll automatically come to know what should you write.

rahul said...

Although Blogger is an obvious choice for starters(since we're so obsessed with Google, you know google ka hai to achcha hi hoga) there are some limitations to it. One of them is that the URL of the individual post contains both the post title as well as the blog URL. Ideally, the system should allow you to customize the URL of the post. This becomes really handy when you work with search engines to find the information say which is lying in the post.