Felt like writing just Anything

Once again i am feeling like writing. The same old story about not knowing what to write. There are things in life that make you feel good or bad. Almost everything you feel about something/someone can be boiled down to these two adjectives. Still we have coined thousands, if may be not a million, of adjectives to define every feeling defined in the world. Yet at times we run out of words to express ourselves. Language is the medium of communication, a medium to convey your thoughts to the other person (in fact to computers as well, now a days). It is a way of communication. It is One of the ways. This gives way to a thought that there are of course other ways as well. A hug of a friend is just irreplaceable with thousands of words. Sometimes a slap gives a better message to a kid than hundreds of warnings. You cant shy in words better than your eyes. Beauties can be defined in words but can never confined to words. All this is just a random musing over the very thought of writing something. I felt like writing something. I did it. I cant bound experiences in word but at least they give me power to share something about it. Without them (words), I could not have slapped this keyboard or stored my tears on the hard-drive. I think this is all for now :)

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