complicating things to get rid of complications

This blog is dedicated to me ;)

Well, as the title says, I really keep on complicating things just in search of some perfect solution that will take all the complications out of the thing/task at my hand. I think I will blog, I have had drafted many small articles which are still not complete. Always procrastinating things in hope of that golden day when every word written by me would seem perfect to me & finally I'll be able to post it.

I do code to earn my bread & butter. I have observed that I keep on refining/refactoring the code until everything becomes so customizable that it gets too complicated to understand at first sight. I have seen people who just do the work. They do great. They almost never drive themselves crazy for just a freaking line of code which doesn't seem right to them.

The point is to understand the 80-20 principle (Pereto's principle). 80% of work is done in 20% of time but the rest 20% takes the 80% of time to complete. This principle is amazingly true. Notice the time spent on each activity, even the trivial ones. We tend to spend a lot of time on the 'finishing touch'. And if you are not doing so then you are already on your way of learning the art of time management. The art is to cut the rest 20% of work at the point where you can just say you have completed your task. (Say at 90%... you saved 40% of total time just at cost of 10% of work.)... Well it’s easier said than done... :)

In fact, I fall in the category of those pigheaded perfectionists who consume whole 80% of time, still reach to 95% then again waste 20-25% of time & even after that believe there is something left to be done. And this last portion of work which I do really looks like a Monalisa hung on bathroom’s wall. It was really not needed. It doesn’t actually blend with the quality of rest of the things in place.

I do really waste a lot of time. I just can’t understand that why I complicate things so much. How do I convince myself that 90% is enough and is more than what is usually expected or done? Will write something more on the same topic, some other perfect day.


Kunal said...

An Example of 80-20: It just popped to my mind & I couldn't keep myself from writing it, in your daily (hopefully) morning biological activity, if you sit for 5 minutes, do you really think for all the five minutes you were doing something productive.

kaustubh said...

'monalisa hung on a bathroom wall'....hahahah terrific sarcasm!

Malyaj said...

ha ha.. not bad..jst read 2de only..
i can imagine how relaxing u mst hav felt after writtin dat befuddled para.. sometimes even i do d same but only in mind.. nevr tried 2 transfer dos confusions n multidimensional approaches of ma mind on papers.. even if i try den after few paras or lines.. brainstorm settles.. n a calmness n thoughtlesness follows.. it feels gud n unfinishd at d samtim.. cant xplain it correctly..but overall feeling is gr8.. may b m not feeling of goin dat deep right now..
let it be.. :)

kunal said...

@malyaj - my suggestion, jot it down the very instant it comes to your mind. The same ideas/thoughts wont be as clear again.

Malyaj said...

hmm.. !! sahi hai.. i'l bring it in practice..

Big B said...

hi dude.well i can just say that everyone is confused in one way or the other in his life.I don't believe people who say i have a plan in my life.In 1st 5 yrs i'll do this n in next five i'll do that n blah blah blah. even the gods of business would have been confused in their lives. i may seem negetive but i think its a part of human nature to get confused. ya it may be that some people like u n me(hehehee) stretch it to the limits, while some are able to getover them quickly.
Take the example of love.God!!!how much one messes up his life for this dreaded 4 letter word.all the 80:20 ratios goes down the drain even in those 5 mins(hehehe).one's 100%thought process is captured by confusions,aspirations,emotions ,loose motions(hahahhaa) and all other 'tions you can remember.
But we r not able to control ourselves and just move with the wind. i think this is the way humans have been built.
i don't say we can't change ourselves. We could and we should.
but sometimes it becomes really tough to change yourself.Atleast for me,changing my mindset is like making india win football worldcup.
But i m hoping and challenging myself to change( no confusions in that).....lets see till where i can move ahead..
But feeling nice to share my thoughts with you...
i also keep writing my thoughts on paper whenever i feel like.but this is the first time i m writing on a blog......
thanks and tc

kunal said...

@bharat - thanks for your comment dost... am so glad to see you here. and regd your comment: definitely u'll move ahead :)